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Welcome to Complete Ketamine Solutions. We understand the courage it takes to seek help, and we’re here to offer you a unique and effective approach to help improve your mental health and well-being. At Complete Ketamine Solutions, our experts are dedicated to providing innovative treatments that can make a real difference in your life.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping those who suffer from treatment-resistant depression (TRD), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorders, addiction recovery challenges, and chronic pain. With eight convenient locations, we are committed to making our advanced treatments accessible to as many people as possible.

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Evidence-Based Treatments Bring New Hope for Those with Mental Health Issues

With knowledge of the millions of people suffering with depression, as well as increasing rates of suicide, we are focused on improving patient outcomes and furthering research on the efficacy of ketamine infusion therapy in the treatment of refractory depression, anxiety, PTSD, and a multitude of chronic pain issues.

We are proud to partner with a variety of mental health professionals, offering an adjunct to traditional treatments many patients are already receiving.

The Complete Ketamine Solutions’ clinical teams consists of licensed clinicians, working together to ensure each patient receives the care and support they deserve.

Patient Reviews

My father just completed his last session at complete ketamine solutions, and he is a different person than when he walked in there for the first time. My dad suffered from chronic stump pain as an amputee of over 10 years. When he then experienced a tendon tear in his other leg, the pain became too much to handle. He tried several different pain relievers which did nothing to alleviate his pain. After his first ketamine session his pain was already improved and he was able to sleep through the night. He told me what an enjoyable experience it was and how professional and caring all of the staff were. He actually looked forward to his second treatment which is not characteristic of my father. By the third treatment, my dad told me he felt like a younger version of himself again and he was able to resume all of the activities he enjoyed doing without pain. I am so grateful to Maddie and the rest of the staff at complete ketamine solutions for giving my father his life back. I would not hesitate recommending them as I am convinced they saved my fathers life.
Diana m. Avatar
diana M.
I came in today for support and was blown away on how friendly the staff was. They treat their patients so well and seem to care about them. They answered all questions with a smile.
James r. Avatar
James R.
The staff is great, super kind and have had a great experience with managing my chronic pain
Selena v. Avatar
Selena V.
Always kind, courteous, and answer any questions a patient might have. Relaxed atmosphere and rooms. I have to point out the extremely comfortable chairs in the treatment rooms that you just sink into like a cloud while being treated! If it’s not your first infusion, they take you right back, get the zofran in you and get the treatment started wicked quick. No waiting around for your nerves to get the best of you as can happen if you have anxiety about the process. As an EMT it’s good to see their emergency supplementary oxygen sitting there in all the treatment rooms waiting for that “just in case scenario” as well as having versed ready to go within seconds if the experience gets to be too much for some people—to reverse any bad effects. You might not realize (because you’re in La La land) but they check in on you more than you realize. I can always tell by the wind moving around as someone enters the room and monitors my vitals. Excellent staff and I’ve used them since my original clinic in Chattanooga closed unannounced before Christmas 2022 leaving people with nobody in Chattanooga or surrounding area. This place is fantastic and very reasonable—they truly want to help people. As far as CKS, A+ for all CRNA’s and staff, Very attentive to ALL their patients needs! - Charles Moose H.
Moosifer h. Avatar
Moosifer H.
Everyone has been so kind and helpful! They have made this experience even better, above and beyond the Ketamine!
Chris c. Avatar
Chris C.
Best experience one can muster
Arbel m. Avatar
Arbel M.

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