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Ferquently Asked Question About Ketamine Therapy

You haven’t heard of ketamine for the treatment of refractory depression because the practice of using ketamine to treat depression is in its infancy. Ketamine is most commonly known as a general anesthetic, used in surgical procedures. You may know of ketamine as a rave drug, used recreationally since the 1980s. The utilization of ketamine to treat depression is not yet FDA-approved, as the FDA approval process can take many years, due to the amount of funding, research and time required. Fortunately, the research being conducted continues to demonstrate that ketamine is effective in treating depression, and the use of ketamine in this population is becoming increasingly common.

* NOTE: Ketamine IS an FDA-approved drug for anesthetic purposes and is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medications.

A series of Ketamine Infusions for depression, PTSD and Anxiety Disorders at Complete Ketamine Solutions consists of 6 infusions over a period of 10 days to 2 weeks. The first day in clinic is about 90 minutes because of paperwork and the infusions are weight based starting at 0.5mg/kg. The remaining 5 infusions are roughly an hour in duration with a slight increase in the amount of ketamine each successive infusion, and then a 10 min recovery time along with additional time in the waiting area if needed. The cost of the series is $2,200 and is due prior to the first infusion. Complete Ketamine Solutions will provide patients with a Super Bill that can be remitted to your insurance company to try to get reimbursed.

The Chronic Pain Ketamine Infusion Series consists of six 2-hour infusions and has several more analgesic medications added to the infusions. This is weight-based and starts at 0.75mg/kg and will increase with each successive dose as long as it is well tolerated by the patient. The pain protocol is conducted in the same manner as the depression protocol over 10-14 days but can be extended to a third week if necessary. The cost of a Ketamine Infusion series for chronic pain is $2,700 and is also due up front. Ketamine Solutions will provide patients with a Super Bill that can be remitted to your insurance company to try to get reimbursed.

As part of membership in our practice, we would like patients to come back for evaluation around 7 weeks after finishing their series, and every 7 weeks following for maintenance / booster infusions as a total compliance practice to keep your symptoms manageable for the future.

Boosters are sometimes necessary for both depression and pain related treatments. This is the current cost for boosters:
1 hour –    $325
2 hour –    $475
3 hour –    $675
4 hour –    $875
6 hour – $1,275
8 hour – $1,475

Yes, in most cases! Unfortunately however, this treatment is not yet covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

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