Ketamine Therapy:
A Breakthrough in Mental Health Treatment

What is Ketamine Therapy?

Ketamine therapy involves the use of low doses of ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic, to help treat various of conditions including mental health disorders such as treatment-resistant depression, anxiety disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as various chronic pain conditions like complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), fibromyalgia, and migraines. 

While ketamine is approved for high-dose use as an anesthetic in surgical settings, it is also administered at lower “sub-anesthetic” doses on an “off-label” basis to treat not only depression but also chronic pain and other mental health or substance abuse disorders.

Ketamine Therapy for Mood Disorders and Chronic Pain

How is Ketamine Administered?

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IV Ketamine

IV ketamine swiftly alleviates pain and improves mood by boosting brain neurotransmitter levels.

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IM Ketamine

Experience rapid relief with intramuscular ketamine injections for various mood and pain conditions.

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Spravato (Nasal Spray)

Discover the benefits of Spravato treatment, a nasal spray that offers quick relief for depression.

IV Ketamine VS. IM Ketamine

Both IV and IM ketamine therapy have their unique advantages and limitations. The choice between them often depends on specific clinical goals, patient preferences, medical history, and the healthcare provider’s experience.

  • IV Ketamine Therapy: Delivered directly into a vein, typically in the arm. This method allows for precise control over the dosage and the rate at which ketamine enters the bloodstream.
  • IM Ketamine Therapy: Injected into a muscle, usually in the thigh or upper arm. The absorption is slightly slower compared to IV administration, and the onset of effects can be less predictable.
  • IV Ketamine: Because it enters the bloodstream directly, the effects are almost immediate, allowing clinicians to adjust dosing in real-time based on patient response.
  • IM Ketamine: Takes slightly longer to take effect as the drug must be absorbed into the bloodstream from the muscle tissue.
  • IV Ketamine: Offers high control over the dosage as the infusion can be stopped or adjusted at any time during the session.
  • IM Ketamine: Once administered, the dosage cannot be adjusted or reversed, which may be a concern if side effects occur.
  • IV Ketamine: Sessions typically last about 40 minutes to an hour, with patients often needing multiple sessions. The setup and monitoring require a clinical setting.
  • IM Ketamine: The procedure is quicker, and the preparation and recovery time are generally shorter, potentially making it more convenient for some patients.
  • Both methods can cause similar side effects, such as dissociation, hallucinations, nausea, dizziness, and increased blood pressure. However, the immediacy of IV therapy allows for better management of potential adverse effects during administration.
  • The risk of psychological side effects might be more challenging to manage quickly with IM ketamine due to its less controllable nature once injected.
  • IV Ketamine: Widely studied and used in clinical settings, especially for treatment-resistant depression and certain pain disorders.
  • IM Ketamine: Also used for similar purposes, but there might be less research specifically supporting its use compared to IV administration.

What People Are Saying

My father just completed his last session at complete ketamine solutions, and he is a different person than when he walked in there for the first time. My dad suffered from chronic stump pain as an amputee of over 10 years. When he then experienced a tendon tear in his other leg, the pain became too much to handle. He tried several different pain relievers which did nothing to alleviate his pain. After his first ketamine session his pain was already improved and he was able to sleep through the night. He told me what an enjoyable experience it was and how professional and caring all of the staff were. He actually looked forward to his second treatment which is not characteristic of my father. By the third treatment, my dad told me he felt like a younger version of himself again and he was able to resume all of the activities he enjoyed doing without pain. I am so grateful to Maddie and the rest of the staff at complete ketamine solutions for giving my father his life back. I would not hesitate recommending them as I am convinced they saved my fathers life.
Diana m. Avatar
diana M.
I came in today for support and was blown away on how friendly the staff was. They treat their patients so well and seem to care about them. They answered all questions with a smile.
James r. Avatar
James R.
The staff is great, super kind and have had a great experience with managing my chronic pain
Selena v. Avatar
Selena V.
Always kind, courteous, and answer any questions a patient might have. Relaxed atmosphere and rooms. I have to point out the extremely comfortable chairs in the treatment rooms that you just sink into like a cloud while being treated! If it’s not your first infusion, they take you right back, get the zofran in you and get the treatment started wicked quick. No waiting around for your nerves to get the best of you as can happen if you have anxiety about the process. As an EMT it’s good to see their emergency supplementary oxygen sitting there in all the treatment rooms waiting for that “just in case scenario” as well as having versed ready to go within seconds if the experience gets to be too much for some people—to reverse any bad effects. You might not realize (because you’re in La La land) but they check in on you more than you realize. I can always tell by the wind moving around as someone enters the room and monitors my vitals. Excellent staff and I’ve used them since my original clinic in Chattanooga closed unannounced before Christmas 2022 leaving people with nobody in Chattanooga or surrounding area. This place is fantastic and very reasonable—they truly want to help people. As far as CKS, A+ for all CRNA’s and staff, Very attentive to ALL their patients needs! - Charles Moose H.
Moosifer h. Avatar
Moosifer H.
Everyone has been so kind and helpful! They have made this experience even better, above and beyond the Ketamine!
Chris c. Avatar
Chris C.
Best experience one can muster
Arbel m. Avatar
Arbel M.

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