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According to recent CDC data, the United States reported 49,449 suicides in 2022, indicating a 2.6% increase from the previous year. This trend underscores the ongoing urgency of addressing suicide, a leading cause of death nationally, particularly in non-metropolitan areas. At Complete Ketamine Solutions, we are dedicated to providing innovative treatment options like ketamine infusion therapy for patients with treatment-resistant depression, aiming to reduce symptoms and save lives.​

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Over the last 20 years, dozens of studies conducted through major institutions, including Yale, the National Institutes of Health, Johns Hopkins, and the Veterans Administration, have demonstrated the efficacy of low-dose ketamine infusions to effectively treat treatment resistant depression (TRD).

Complete Ketamine Solutions is an evidence-based center of excellence, offering ketamine infusion treatment for patients whose depressive disorders are considered treatment-resistant. We are in the process of connecting to an Institutional Review Board (IRB) to contribute to research in this area of mental health, as well as to maintain the integrity of our program.

Our goal at Complete Ketamine Solutions is to offer an adjunct therapy to the treatments that you are already providing your patients. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you in order to provide the most effective treatments available for your patients with treatment-resistant depression (TRD). Our screening protocols include a depression and addiction screening, anxiety screening, PTSD screening, medical history assessment, and pregnancy tests for women of child bearing age. 

As part of this screening process, clarification of past medications, and treatments, and patient responses will be assertained. Once clinical appropriateness is determined, ketamine infusion treatment will involve a series sub-anesthetic doses given slowly, monitored by licensed professionals to include physicians, and advanced practice nurses designd around the gold standard/best practices. To initiate treatment for your patient, we will need patient identifying information, as well as any pertinent medical records. To refer your patient, please contact the appropriate Complete Ketamine Solutions’ location. Here is some research you may find helpful to refer to:

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